3 Signs That Your Home Needs a Roof Repair

The roof on your Baton Rouge home is constantly bombarded by environmental elements, animals, and other forces that contribute to its slow erosion. Here are 3 signs that mean you may need to call R&S Roofing and Construction Inc for roof repair services.

  • Finding large amounts of dark granules in your gutters means your asphalt roof tiles are wearing out. Thin shingles can't repel water as easily, which can contribute to moisture buildup in your home.

  • As shingles wear out, they become cracked, curled, or may fly off altogether. This leaves the wooden foundation of your roof completely exposed.

  • When the paint on your exterior begins to blister or peel, this could point to a roof problem. Excess moisture in the attic can get trapped against the roofline, which allows it to slowly absorb into the surrounding walls and compromising your paint job.


If you see any of these signs, call the contractors at R&S Roofing and Construction Inc for roof repair in the Baton Rouge area.