3 Temporary DIY Roof Leak Repair Strategies

What happens if your Baton Rouge home or business experiences a roof leak? It may take some time before your roofing contractor can arrive. Here are some ways you can protect the interior of your home while you wait for professional roof leak repair.

  • Use a plastic tarp to cover patches of missing or compromised shingles. It won't keep your home completely dry, but it will help divert most of the moisture and outside elements.

  • Place waterproof tape over visible holes in your attic. This is especially important during the colder months to prevent drafts that can steal your heat and raise your utility bills.

  • Cover your floors too. Dripping water can work its way underneath your floor coverings and into the wooden subfloor, which can lead to extensive and expensive damages.


Use these tips to control your roof leak until the professionals at R&S Roofing and Construction arrive. We can help you repair your Baton Rouge roof and protect the comfort of your buildings.