3 Ways to Speed Up Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Renovations increase the value and comfort of your Baton Rouge home. However, they can take a serious toll on your ability to enjoy your space during construction. Here are some ways you can decrease the time it takes to get your bathroom remodeling project done and reclaim your home more quickly.

  • Organize. Give each family member a plastic basket to hold their toiletries. This way, they can take it with them when they enter and exit the bathroom. Having less stuff in the way means workers spend less time cleaning and more time renovating.

  • Schedule. Talk to your contractor about their expected schedule before work begins. Ask for a list of milestones in writing. Hold your contractor accountable for delays that increase the projected time.

  • Bureaucracy. Take care of permits, licenses, and other paperwork before work begins. If you're found to lack the right paperwork, your job could be halted until it's taken care of.


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